Teeth Whitening for a Beaming Smile

Why Teeth Whitening?

Teeth come in a variety of tones. Some are more cream-colored. Others are even darker. It all depends on the person and their diet. So why do people whiten their teeth?

Smiling with a bright row of teeth can lend a boost of confidence to your days. Clear, beaming smiles are a signal of cleanliness, health, and even youthfulness to many people. Yet stains can set into your natural teeth during a lifetime of eating colorful foods, minor tooth traumas, and possible smoking habits.

Fairchance Dental Art’s teeth whitening systems break up yellow stains on a molecular level. Then the stain fragments easily wash away. “Whitening” is not merely bleaching, it is letting your tooth’s natural color shine once again.

How Old Do You Have to Be to Whiten Your teeth?

We recommend teeth whitening only be applied to permanent teeth. Waiting until all adult teeth are in, and in need of a shade pick-me-up is the most cost-effective strategy. Adolescence is the earliest age that most people begin to seriously consider teeth whitening.

Office Service or Home Kit?

Fairchance Dental Arts offers our clients both options through OpalescenceTM whitening systems. A gluten-free and vegan gel is applied to your teeth, and oxygen molecules in the formula break up the stains set in your teeth. No LED lights are required. Opalescence whitening gel also contains potassium nitrate and fluoride, so your teeth are strengthened AND beautified at the same time!

These benefits are included in both the in-office solution and the take-home kit, so which choice is right for you? Read on for help considering your options.

Opalescence GoTM

Home kits can offer these benefits:

  • Total Cost.
  • Convenience.
  • Personal Privacy.
  • Home Comforts.

Opalescence GoTM is a home kit that utilizes prefilled, ready-to-wear trays. Your flavor options are Melon and Mint. Dr. Megan or Caleb Beam will instruct you on both how long, and how to apply the treatment to reach your cosmetic goal. Opalescence Go offers two densities of the active ingredient Hydrogen Peroxide: 10% or 15%. This will impact how long you should wear your trays each day. Either option recommends at least 5 applications.

Opalescence BoostTM

In-office treatment usually offers these benefits:

  • Experienced aides.
  • Tailored application.
  • Stronger solutions.
  • Fewer sessions.
  • Structured Scheduling.

If you would prefer a dental professional to apply your whitening treatment, you can enjoy the benefits of Opalescence BoostTM. Boost will give you visible results after only one short 1–2 hour appointment, and your teeth will look even better once you apply treatments two and three!

As part of in-office treatment, a temporary protective barrier is applied to your gums to prevent irritation from the whitening gel. This allows for a clinical-strength concentration of hydrogen peroxide and a longer treatment session.

Conscious Sedation is Always an Option

What if the benefits of an office visit appeal the most to you, but you are also worried about sitting in a dental chair? Conscious sedation dentistry may be your solution. Fairchance Dental Arts offers safe, commonly used technologies which are proven to reduce anxiety and increase patient comfort.

Oral Hygene’s Role

Keeping your teeth and gums healthy and natural is the best way to prepare for a successful whitening procedure in the future. Regularly cleaned teeth stay bright longer, and professionally cleaned teeth whiten back up the best. Flossing and brushing help prevent the need for artificial teeth and tooth fillings, which cannot be whitened. They will stay the shade that was selected and installed. Regular oral hygiene is always important, even with teeth whitening as a backup plan.

Want a Beaming Smile? Try Teeth Whitening Today!

At Fairchance Dental Arts, we give our patients beautiful smiles that reignite their confidence and help them look and feel healthier. Call our office today to schedule your whitening appointment!