Pediatric Dentistry

Myth | Baby teeth and adult teeth are identical, except in size.

Truth | Little teeth have some slightly different needs than our permanent adult teeth.

For one thing, the layer of enamel is thinner, while the pulp inside takes up a great deal more space. As a result, any cavity can spread all too quickly, causing widespread damage.

They also needed to be treated differently, due to their temporary status. Materials used, space taken, and durability must all be taken into account when repairing a baby tooth.

Myth | Cavities in baby teeth aren’t a big deal. After all, they’re just temporary teeth. They won’t even be needed for very long.

Truth | Children keep their baby teeth for years. The first ones come in when the child is only a few months old, and the last ones don’t fall out until age twelve or thirteen. That’s a significant period of time to go without functioning teeth, if they are not cared for.

Myth | Missing baby teeth don’t matter either. They get replaced anyway.

Truth | The space taken by baby teeth makes a dramatic difference in the shape and crowding of the later permanent bite. Without healthy teeth there to save space and guide growth, the permanent teeth will be susceptible to all sorts of problems.

Treatments and Solutions

Fairchance Dental Arts offers a number of solutions to problems that present in baby teeth, including interceptive orthodontics, pulpotomies, stainless steel dental crowns, and extractions.

Interceptive Orthodontics | A child’s mouth is still growing, making it flexible and receptive to correction. With interceptive orthodontics, our specialists can spot problem areas in the development of the teeth, gums, and jaw before they settle into their permanent state. This early intervention prevents quite a few problems from forming at all.

Pulpotomy | Pulpotomy is a pulp-cleaning procedure very similar to a root canal. The difference is that only part of the pulp is removed and replaced with a medicated filling. This can be done in both adults and children, but is especially important in pediatric dentistry. Saving the baby tooth gives the permanent teeth that replace it that best chance to develop well.

Stainless Steel Dental Crowns | The temporary nature of baby teeth means that traditional fillings, crowns, and other dental restorations are not always feasible for young children. Steel crowns are a great alternative. They are inexpensive, extremely durable, easily maintainable, and come right out with the baby tooth when the time comes.

Extractions | As adults, we usually pull the wisdom teeth due to misalignment, tooth crowding, or crooked growth. When there isn’t room for all of the teeth, they are susceptible to all sorts of problems.This exact same thing is true in children. When the baby teeth have problems, any adult teeth trying to grow into those same spaces can develop the same flaws. Extraction is sometimes the answer.

For great childhood dentistry, call Fairchance Dental Arts. We’ll take care of your kids, their teeth, and your worries all in one convenient stop.

It was my son’s first time at the dentist so naturally he was kind of nervous but once Dr. Megan came into the room, she made sure he was comfortable before checking out his teeth. She was so patient with him, I couldn’t have asked for a better experience for him. Highly recommend!
– Alyson G.