Dental Crowns in Fairchance

The crown of your tooth is the bit we can see. It is the first line of defense for a tooth, protecting the softer and more sensitive insides of the tooth. It keeps away bacteria, does most of the heavy work in the mouth, and needs regular care to stay healthy.

If a city guard’s armor gets weakened or broken, there is a gap in the defense. The guard can get injured or killed through this weakness in the armor.


Enamel is the mouth’s armor of choice for our teeth. In fact, it’s the hardest material made by the human body. This mineralized substance protects our mouth from a LOT of wear and tear. But it isn’t infallible.

Enamel is still susceptible to breakage and decay. The bad news is that enamel cannot be regrown by the body on its own. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. The good news is that modern dental technology allows us to protect weakened and broken enamel with a custom-crafted synthetic crown.

Crown Replacement

Synthetic crowns both look and function exactly like natural ones. They are durable, easily maintained, and extremely effective in protecting a damaged tooth.

The best part is that they are also highly customizable. Each crown is individually designed with your mouth’s coloring, shape, and precise measurements taken into account. With the digital technology available to us, these measurements are more accurate and more easily recorded than ever before.

Test Drive Your Smile.

We offer a “Trial Smile” where, for a minimal fee, we can place temporary veneers to allow you to see what your teeth would look like before committing to permanents. And the fee would be applied towards the treatment cost if you choose to have it done.

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Don’t Leave a Gap in Your Defenses

If your tooth has cracked, chipped, or suffered extensive decay, you may be in need of a dental crown. Crowns are simple to create, and will provide your teeth with much-needed protection from the outside world. Don’t wait to give us a call and schedule your appointment.

Fairchance Dental Arts will repair or replace the above work done for a period of 60 months from the date of insertion. This applies if the restoration has failed or has been determined to be unsatisfactory by both the patient and the dentist. This policy will only be upheld if the patient has maintained the proper recall that is appropriate to his or her customized care.

The team is always so diligent, kind, has so much patience, and is extremely knowledgeable. They have detected issues that had been missed for years by our previous dentist. I tell everyone about Fairchance Dental Arts when they ask for dental office recommendations.
– Jasmine P.