Root Canal Therapy in Fairchance

Say your friend has just been to the dentist. They come back with a stunned look on their face, and terror in their eyes. When asked what the bad news is, they say, “The dentist told me I need a root canal.” Everyone gasps in horror, or cringes with sympathy.

This is an extremely common reaction to the term “root canal.” It sounds painful and complicated. No one wants ‘painful and complicated’ to come anywhere near their dental experience.

You’re in luck. Root canals are actually very simple procedures, and have been made easier than ever through enhanced anatomical understanding and high quality equipment. No reason to fear; root canals today are very similar to getting a large filling.

What Does ‘Root Canal’ Mean?

The outside of your tooth is covered in a hardened layer of enamel. It’s strong and durable, capable of handling enormous bite force and years of wear. The inside of your teeth is less rugged. This softer tissue is called pulp. The pulp contains blood vessels and other materials, which all nourished your tooth while it was growing.

These vessels run out from the roots and into the jaw through a narrow passageway: the root canal.

Canal Damage

Healthy teeth have a strong outer layer of enamel, and a thick secondary layer of dentin surrounding this pulp. But bacteria is nefarious and accidents are unpredictable. Sometimes those layers get breached, exposing the pulp to decay and damage.

A root canal cleaning is quite straightforward. Just as in a normal cavity filling, the dentist will enter through the top of the tooth, clean out any damaged tissue with a flexible rotary tool, then fill up the space with a gentle bio-compatible replacement material. Once that’s done, the tooth is fitted with a crown, and voila! Everything is healthy once again.

Once this procedure has been done, you’ll be able to bite and chew with no more problems. Temperature sensitivity will disappear. Headaches caused by tooth pain will be things of the past.

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If you are suffering from any of the symptoms of deep tooth damage, please don’t hesitate to come to us for treatment. A root canal is a simple process that will have you back to your normal, everyday self. No one deserves to live in pain. Call us today.

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