Periodontic Care in Fairchance, PA

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It takes more than just healthy teeth to get you the beaming smile you deserve. The dedicated dental professionals here at Fairchance Dental Arts don’t just work with teeth—our team can also improve your dental health by focusing on the soft tissue of your mouth like your gums.

Our gums are a necessity in providing a healthy environment for our teeth, and we know how to care for them! That is why residents of Fairchance, PA, know our office is the place to go for a wide range of periodontal services that restore or maintain gum health.

Don’t let gum disease get in the way of a healthy and happy smile. Call your friends at Fairchance Dental Arts today and schedule a periodontal consultation to learn more.

How Gum Disease Impacts Your Life

Nearly half of Americans will suffer from gum disease by the time they are thirty years old. The leading cause of gum disease is poor dental hygiene, but there are other risk factors that can’t be solved by diligent brushing and flossing. Genetics, diet, and even the position of our teeth can play a major role in whether we develop gum disease.

How? Each of these factors can influence the balance of bacteria in our mouths. If too much harmful bacteria builds up, it clings to our teeth in a discolored film called plaque. When brushing and flossing aren’t enough to remove plaque, it hardens into tartar, irritating the gums.

Once tartar forms, you’ll need help to remove it from a dental professional like the skilled and friendly team at Fairchance Dental Arts.

Tartar needs to be removed quickly because of how abrasive it is to the sensitive tissue of our gums. By causing inflammation of the gums tartar allows more opportunities for harmful bacteria to spread.

The Two Stages of Gum Disease

Gingivitis is the first problem to develop after the tartar begins to irritate. It is characterized by sore or swollen gums that bleed easily, slight loosening of the teeth, bad breath, and pain or temperature sensitivity.

Individually, most of these symptoms seem relatively minor. Many people wouldn’t go to the dentist for something as trivial as bad breath. This is when it’s important to remember that dentists work with more than just teeth.

If left untreated, gingivitis develops into a much more severe form of gum disease: periodontitis.

As tartar builds up and further infects the gums, the gum tissue begins to recede. This allows plaque bacteria to creep deeper. Once this infection sneaks below the gum line, periodontitis can eventually cause tooth loss by damaging and even destroying tissues, ligaments, and bones in your mouth.

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Personalized Treatment to Protect Your Mouth

Both stages of gum disease are treatable. Fortunately, the solution is not a complicated surgery or dramatic medication. The gums just need a serious deep cleaning. If cleaned well—and kept clean afterward—the gum tissue will gradually rebuild itself.

Here are just a few of the services we offer to help restore and maintain healthy gum tissue:

  • Scaling: This is the process of removing tartar above your gum line, stopping inflammation, and allowing your gums to heal. This can prevent gum disease from becoming a periodontal infection.
  • Deep Clean: Also known as scaling and root planing, this treatment removes risks to your gum health above and below your gum line. By gently clearing away tartar, bacteria, and even infected tissue, your mouth will become a clean environment for your fantastic smile.
  • Antibiotics: For many patients, the right medication is all that is required to stop gum disease and allow their mouths to heal naturally. Antibiotics target bacterial infections such as periodontitis, halting gum disease at the source.

Remember these are just a few solutions we can provide when treating gum disease. To learn which treatment is best for you or your loved ones, schedule a consultation with us today.

Do I Have Gum Disease?

Our mouths are a complex structure and extremely sensitive. For some patients, even spicy foods can trigger irritation in our mouths and make gum disease difficult to detect. However, there are a few warning signs:

  • Discolored spots on your gums
  • Long-term inflammation of the gums
  • Excessive bleeding after flossing or even brushing
  • Changes in your gum line (the base of your teeth are becoming more visible)

If you are experiencing the symptoms of gum disease, don’t hesitate to take advantage of this simple treatment. Give the periodontal experts at Fairchance Dental Arts a call right away.

Why Choose Our Office for Your Periodontal Needs?

Residents from Fairchance, PA, to Morgantown, WV, know our Fairchance Dental Arts is their home for a beaming smile. We are committed to providing you with the treatment you and your loved ones need to get the dental health you deserve and a smile you’ll love.

Naturally, this includes some of the finest periodontal services available. We combine proven dental techniques with the most advanced medical technology to create personalized treatment plans for the results you want.

For example, our office is equipped with multiple dental lasers that are perfect for both preventing and treating gum disease. With the precision provided by our diode laser and LightScalpel technology, we can treat periodontitis quicker than ever with minimal discomfort and recovery time.

Patient Reviews

Probably the best dentist I’ve been to. The staff is great and they really do care about their patients. The doctor explained everything to me as to what I needed to get my dental health back on track. They are wonderful.
– Kayleigh C.

Frequently Asked Questions About Gum Disease

With decades of combined dental experience, we know that a well-informed patient is a comfortable patient. That is why we have provided answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. Feel encouraged to contact our office for additional details or to schedule a consultation.

How Much Does Periodontal Treatment Cost?

At our office, we pride ourselves on truly personalized dental care. Understandably, this can influence treatment costs, but don’t worry—we will work diligently with your insurance provider, we accept all major credit cards, and we even have in-house financing options.

Is Gum Disease Dangerous?

While proper dental hygiene and routine visits can prevent gum disease from becoming a major risk, it is a hazard to your health. Not only can gum disease cause periodontal infections responsible for tooth loss, but it also increases your risk of diabetes, heart disease, and even lung cancer.

Will Flossing and Brushing Prevent Gum Disease?

While practicing proper dental hygiene is important, there are other factors that can increase your risk of developing gum disease. Sugary foods, tobacco use, and even genetics play a role. After a dental visit, we can help determine which treatments either at our office or at home can help you prevent gum disease from putting your oral health at risk.

Does Periodontal Treatment Hurt?

At Fairchance Dental Arts, you get peace of mind that all of our treatments prioritize your health and comfort. During the consultation, we will go over all treatment options available, including the addition of sedation dentistry for the most comfortable dental experience possible.

Are X-Rays Required to Notice Gum Disease?

X-rays can help determine the extent of damage caused by gum disease, but early warning signs are usually quite noticeable. The disease-causing bacteria causes plaque and tartar, discoloring your teeth. Signs of developing periodontitis also include dark spots on your gums or a receding gumline.

Is Gingivitis Different Than Periodontitis?

Gum disease develops in stages, the more severe being the most dangerous. The beginning stage of gum disease is often referred to as gingivitis; in this stage tartar buildup and bacteria are causing irritation to your gums. Gingivitis is still manageable and even reversible without professional help.

However, as soon as it develops into periodontitis where the bacteria can cause infection and put the soft tissue such as gums and your tooth’s roots at risk, it is time to give your friends at Fairchance Dental Arts a call.

Does Gum Disease Always Require Dental Assistance?

From toothbrush brands to mouthwash promotions, there are many ads out there for products that promise to “fight” gum disease or gingivitis. While it is true that gingivitis can be dealt with with proper dental hygiene, it is important to note that gum disease can progress at an alarming rate. If your gums are causing excessive bleeding or dental discomfort, it is best to come in and see a dental professional.

What Are Signs I Have Gum Disease?

As gum disease is a progressive condition going from gingivitis to periodontitis, it can be difficult to determine whether or not you have gum disease. However, here is a list of warning signs you may want to schedule a consultation:

  • Bad breath you can’t get rid of.
  • A recessive or uneven gumline near the bottom of your teeth.
  • Discoloration of the gums, specifically if there are dark spots on your gums.
  • Excessive plaque or tartar buildup.
  • Extra sensitive when it comes to your gums, including excessive bleeding while brushing or flossing.

Do Antibiotics Work?

In the earliest stages of gum disease, antibiotics may be the most effective treatment as they target bacterial infections like periodontitis. During consultation, we will ask about any other medications you may be taking to ensure that a prescription for antibiotics will improve not only your dental health but assist in improving your overall well-being.

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