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From dental cleanings to pediatric dentistry, residents of Fairchance, PA, depend on our office for comprehensive and compassionate care. You and your loved ones deserve a beautiful smile and optimized oral health, which is exactly what our dedicated dental professionals offer—every step of the way.

At Fairchance Dental Arts, our friendly staff works diligently to create a warm and inviting atmosphere so patients of all ages can focus on getting the treatment they need. Whether it is the kiddo’s first tooth exam, your teen’s interest in braces, or grandpa’s need for dentures, we are your family’s home for a beaming smile.

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How Family Dentistry Affects More Than Your Smile

It is obvious to think of our smiles when thinking about dentistry. Family and general dentistry and the preventive care associated with it is arguably the greatest way to preserve the looks and health of your teeth! What is less obvious are the far-reaching impacts that dentistry can have on your overall health.

For example, when you maintain your dental health you decrease your risk of diabetes, heart disease, insomnia, and stroke! It is safe to say that our general dentistry services protect your smile and well-being!

Prevention is the best way to keep your mouth and your wallet healthy and you happy. Learn more about these amazing benefits by contacting our office in Fairchance, PA, today.

Why Families Choose Fairchance Dental Arts

Life can be hectic when juggling school, work, and dozens of other day-to-day activities that pop up. That’s why our office is dedicated to working with your schedule so your family’s dental care can be optimized with no hassle. Better yet, our incredible range of services are available all in the same convenient location!

From teeth whitening to dental implants, everyone in your family will get their beaming smile at Fairchance Dental Arts. Maintaining these smiles is easier than ever thanks to our thorough exams and professional cleanings; when scheduled every six months they will keep your smile bright and healthy.

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Offering services in general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, and so much more, Fairchance Dental Arts in Fairchance, PA, is here to help you get the smile you want, the way you want it. Schedule your consultation today and discover what we can do for you.

How Can General Dentistry Benefit You?

Protecting Gums from Plaque and Tartar

Harmful bacteria can build up along our teeth, eventually hardening into plaque and tartar. Each of these buildups not only impacts the aesthetics of our smiles but are irritants to the soft tissue in our mouths, making our gums especially vulnerable to disease and infection.

Thankfully our professional cleanings that are included with routine exams can keep plaque and tartar buildup from happening. If you are a new patient who hasn’t had a checkup for a while, don’t worry! We offer deep cleaning services to remove buildup and any harmful bacteria from the tip of the tooth to below the gumline for the freshest smile possible.

Providing Natural Looking Fillings

Cavities (or “caries” depending on the regional dialect) are a very common dental problem that most people are familiar with Cavities, or caries, are small holes or pockets that develop in a tooth’s enamel, which our bodies cannot naturally heal.

Ignoring a cavity is just inviting a toothache—or worse. Don’t wait for dental pain, call our office and protect your tooth with our fantastic, natural-looking fillings made from medical-grade composite resins. They will match your smile’s aesthetic perfectly while providing the additional benefit of being long-lasting!

Preventing and Treat Gum Disease

When it comes to dental health, a lot of focus is spent on our teeth, and why not? They are the most visible part of our smiles! But optimizing our oral care means taking care of the soft tissue like the gums.

Gum disease, also called gingivitis, can not only lead to dangerous infection, but also increased cortisol levels (the stress hormone) which put you at risk of high blood pressure, weight gain, and even mood disorders.

No need to worry. Our general dentistry services help prevent gum disease and our periodontal treatments can repair any damage already done.

Treating Toothaches

Nothing can disrupt a day quite like a toothache. We appreciate that and will work with you to eliminate the dental discomfort as soon as possible. Since toothaches have numerous causes—from allergic reactions to swelling caused by physical trauma—our thorough exam will discover the cause and get you feeling your best.

If you or a loved one are experiencing a toothache painful enough to be disruptive to normal activities, that can be a dental emergency. Contact us immediately or go to our dental emergency page. Another reason Fairchance Dental Arts is your family’s favorite dentist!

Fixing Chipped and Cracked Teeth Quickly

Our teeth are incredibly hard working and that stress can wear down the hard, white surface layer called enamel. Sometimes to the point that just a slight bump or a particularly unlucky bite into a hard food can cause a chip or a crack; the beginning of the end for the tooth.

Not anymore! Thanks to our advanced technology like dental bonding, we can repair and shape damaged teeth with biocompatible resin. This restores its look, integrity, and functionality. Incredibly, this process takes less than an hour!

Enhancing and Sustaining Tooth Appearance

From dark stains and general discoloration to uneven shape and spacing issues, a variety of factors come into play when it comes to the aesthetics of our smiles. While many would assume cosmetic dentistry would be the sole solution, that’s not true!

Plenty of our general dentistry services can not only improve the appearance of your teeth but also help you keep your new, sparkling smile longer. Professional cleanings and whitenings can brighten your smile and our dental bonding can address spacing issues or misshapen teeth.

Discover why so many families are happy to call Fairchance Dental Arts their home for a beaming smile!

Getting Rid of Persistent Mouth Sores

Our mouths are a very complex union of soft tissue and hard tissue, working together seamlessly to not only create our oral health but also greatly contribute to our overall well-being. It only makes sense that all this work can result in some illnesses, such as mouth sores.

There are many common causes for sores to appear on our lips, cheeks, tongue, or gums; these can include allergies, cankers, lesions, or even a burn from a hot drink. Most will heal on their own within two weeks, but if they persist longer or if you notice new ones developing before old ones heal, contact our office for an appointment.

Dealing with Impacted Teeth

An impacted tooth occurs when a tooth does not properly emerge from the gums. If left untreated, this can cause infection to the gums, dental crowding, or force the tooth to emerge at an awkward angle.

Thankfully, our wonderful team of dental professionals can resolve this issue with a simple extraction, a minor oral surgery that takes only an hour. As we pride ourselves on our treatments being both comprehensive and comfortable, we offer sedation dentistry options to complement the procedure.

Solving Enamel Erosion Issues

What gives our teeth their bright, white sheen is the hard tissue called enamel. It is not only aesthetically pleasing but also protects the sensitive interior of the tooth and helps us with chewing. Unfortunately, all of this hard work can take its toll in the form of erosion, where enamel begins to thin.

This can cause a variety of issues such as cavities, increased tooth sensitivity, dental discomfort, or even causing a tooth to break entirely.

While enamel doesn’t naturally heal, routine checkups can slow the process and our wonderful treatments such as dental caps can restore a tooth’s integrity.

Offering Oral Cancer Screenings

One of the major perks of general dentistry is allowing you to avoid major issues through preventative care. At the end of the day, there’s no need to fix a problem that never occurs. That is why our comprehensive dental exams include oral cancer screenings, allowing us to detect any abnormalities before they can become a serious health risk.

By scheduling these checkups as little as twice a year, you are not only ensuring your family’s dental health is being optimized, but you are also getting peace of mind that their smiles are safe.

What You Can Expect During Your Visit

Advanced Dental Imaging

At Fairchance Dental Arts we are dedicated to providing the most comprehensive care for you and your family. Naturally, that means using the greatest and latest in dental technology. You will see this first hand during your visit; our wide range of advanced imaging tools take in the most minute details of your dental health to ensure you receive the correct treatment.

With digital X-rays, tooth impressions from our iTero scanner, and even 3D images created by our CAD system, we have the tools to ensure that your oral care is being optimized.

A Professional Cleaning

Once we are confident there are no other issues needing to be addressed thanks to digital imaging, the next step in our checkups is a professional cleaning to keep your beautiful smile sparkling. Our dental hygienists will remove any dental debris, plaque, or tartar with expert flossing.

Your teeth will be given a brand-new shine thanks to a combination of specialized toothpaste and powered brushing, and your mouth will feel fresher than ever with the fluoride rinse that follows!

A Thorough Examination

With the conclusion of the cleaning, your mouth is ready for a thorough exam by one of our dedicated dental professionals. While our advanced imaging is impressive, we know there is no replacement for hands-on experience. During this process we will observe both the hard and soft tissues, looking for any abnormalities or changes from your last visit.

Our knowledgeable professionals will also be happy to answer any questions you may have or address any concerns that arise about your oral health.

Treatment Recommendations

Once we are done with the dental examination, it will be time to discuss any findings. We want you and your family to feel comfortable and participate in this discussion; even if there are no dental issues to address, we are happy to discuss treatment options like braces, cosmetic dentistry options, and the like.

This welcoming and transparent approach to dental care is what has made us the finest in family dentistry for residents of Fairchance, PA, and the neighboring communities. Contact us today to schedule a dental checkup for you and your loved one and let us become the home for your beaming smile.

Home Dental Care Tips and Tricks

Keeping your smile bright and healthy can increase your confidence, and improve oral care and your overall well-being. While visiting your friends at Fairchance Dental Arts for routine checkups and dental treatments is a great start, there are plenty of ways you can maintain your smile at home.

The following are some tips and tricks to help you and your loved ones optimize your oral health with an easy and effective dental hygiene routine.

Focus On Brushing Technique, Not the Brush

From TV to podcasts, advertisements are everywhere, placing products on just about everything. It seems that every year we find ourselves with more and more options, even when it comes to toothbrushes!

However, how you brush is far more important than what you brush your teeth with. It is recommended that you brush your teeth twice a day for at least two minutes. Brush using gentle, circular motions to not agitate the gums.

Floss for Healthier Gums

Flossing once a day is important as it helps get rid of debris trapped between teeth which can become a source of harmful bacteria. This can lead to infection or gum disease. If you have sensitive gums, try an alternative to traditional floss such as interdental brushes or water picks.

Know When to Rinse

Few things make our mouths feel refreshed like mouthwash or rinsing. Unfortunately, some of us get into the habit of rinsing too quickly after we brush our teeth. This can lessen the effectiveness of most toothpastes which contain fluoride to help protect our teeth’s enamel.

To maximize the benefits of both your mouthwash and your toothpaste, wait at least 20 minutes after brushing to rinse.

Regular Checkups for a Beaming Smile

Teeth, gums, tongue, and jaw; there’s a lot to keep track of when it comes to oral health. That is why it is recommended that you should get a dental checkup once every six months. This helps monitor any changes so minor concerns don’t grow into a dental disaster.

Thankfully, you and your family can receive regular checkups and all your dental care needs under a single roof at Fairchance Dental Arts!

Other Oral Care Considerations

Regularly scheduled checkups, cleanings, and a good dental hygiene routine are the best ways to optimize your oral health. However, we appreciate that there are times when additional treatment is necessary.

The following is a list of common dental issues and causes. Contact our office for further information if any apply to you or your loved ones.

Tender, Discolored, or Swollen Gums

Gums should be a warm pink color that doesn’t cause discomfort. If you notice a change in color, sensitivity, or a change in your gum line, it is most likely gum disease. It is important to act quickly as gum disease can progress rapidly, causing infection and even tooth loss.

Persistent Toothache

Toothaches can be caused by a variety of factors, even spicy foods. Thankfully, they often go away on their own. However, if you experience a toothache lasting over 24 hours, it is considered a dental emergency and you should contact a dentist.

A Loose Adult Tooth

As with most dental care, prevention is key when it comes to loose teeth. While it may be an issue with your gums or the tooth’s roots, you should contact your dentist right away because it is much easier to find a solution than replace the tooth.

Unusual Tooth Activity

Our teeth are very strong but they aren’t static. Dental shifting and crowding are very common, especially in families with orthodontic issues. If you notice any unusual tooth activity, it is best to get an examination to ensure the safety of your smile.

Discomfort When Chewing

If you experience discomfort while chewing (or jaw pain in general), this can be the result of dental issues such as bruxism or TMJ. Thankfully, there are quick solutions available such as mouthguards and splints.

Persistent Sores

Sores and spots can appear in or around our mouths from several factors, like oral thrush or canker sores. Most can be resolved with over-the-counter medications but if you notice persistent sores you should contact your dentist to get an examination.

Continuous Dry Mouth

Our saliva plays a large role in keeping our mouths healthy by helping remove dental debris. Having a dry mouth is not only uncomfortable but can be damaging to our teeth. If you have a persistently dry mouth it might be wise to speak to your dentist on how to protect your teeth.

Bad Breath That Won’t Go Away

While undoubtedly unpleasant, chronic bad breath can be a symptom of a much more serious oral care issue like periodontal disease. If you can’t get rid of bad breath or wake up with a foul taste in your mouth, contact your dentist.

Pregnancy and Dental Care

Pregnancy brings about a lot of changes in the body which impacts every aspect of health, including oral health. The risk of gum disease and cavities increases for those who are pregnant, while treatment options can become more limited. Schedule a consultation with a dentist for your treatment options.

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