Teeth Whitening

Life happens. Whether through coffee, tobacco, disease, or just age, teeth don’t stay white forever. Whatever the reason, if you aren’t completely satisfied with your smile, consider a whitening treatment.

The Peroxide Solution

Most whitening systems are based on a peroxide formula. When the whitening gel or paste interacts with water, it breaks down into its component parts. One of those components is oxygen, which is what does most of the dirty work.

Oxygen really digs deep into the tooth. Once it reaches the stained molecules, it reacts with them. This breaks some of the chemical bonds holding those molecules together, thus effectively changing their chemical makeup, and making them much smaller. Those bits can then be rinsed away.

Whitening toothpastes and over-the-counter products work this way, as many systems do, but their effects can sometimes feel insignificant. That’s because over-the-counter whitening comes in a relatively diluted form. Lower peroxide content means that only through long-term diligent use can it really do its job.

If you have ever tried these systems and found them lacking, there’s good news! For whitening results that really pop, come in to Fairchance Dental Arts for a professional grade formula.


Our dental office uses LumaLite’s patented whitening system. This fantastic product contains the stronger peroxide formula you need to really get results. When safely applied to your teeth by a professional, you’ll see a noticeable and significant difference in about twenty-four minutes.


Sitting in a dental chair isn’t the right choice for everyone. For those whose schedules or needs won’t allow it, Fairchance also offers a take home product.

This product contains a professionally prepared solution with a higher concentration of peroxide than the drugstore brands, though not quite as high as our in-office formula. It can be used at home when your needs and schedule allow.

A better-than-store-bought formula with the flexibility and comfort of working in your own home? Sounds like a pretty good compromise.

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Whatever your whitening needs, give us a call. We can talk through all of our options, answer any of your questions, and schedule you an appointment with one of our professional staff.