Children’s Dentistry: A Foundation for a Fantastic Smile!

While this opinion is shared by only a few, there are some who believe that dentistry isn’t as important for children as it is for adults because children are going to lose their teeth anyway. Well, that just isn’t true!

In this blog, we’ll be going over just a few of the most important reasons why pediatric dentistry can play a major role in dental health and your smile throughout your life. Yes, your entire life.

Let’s begin with something we have all heard and probably disregarded as an “old wives’ tale:” thumbsucking. Can it ruin your child’s teeth? Actually, yes. It is called malocclusion. If a child has a habit of sucking their thumb after the age of 5, it can impact how their permanent teeth emerge, causing an open bite or overbite (the colloquial term is often known as “buckteeth”).

However, if you take your child to a dentist for regular visits, they can monitor your child’s orthodontic needs and help them break bad habits to possibly avoid the need for corrective orthodontics in the future! Schedule your child’s first visit today!

Isn’t Brushing My Child’s Teeth Enough?

While it is certainly true that developing a good home dental care routine is a must for any child, it shouldn’t be the only thing you do for your child’s oral health. Good habits like brushing and flossing do provide preventive benefits, allowing your child to potentially avoid problems like cavities and gum disease.

That being said, many factors determine dental health in addition to proper oral hygiene. As mentioned above, certain habits can impact dental development, including genetics.

With routine visits to a family practice that offers pediatric dentistry, your child will have the greatest chance to have a healthy and happy smile at any age!

More Benefits than a Great Smile

We all want our children to have healthy smiles that will help them feel confident for a family portrait or class picture day, but some benefits that come from pediatric dentistry can’t be seen. However, that doesn’t mean they aren’t appreciated!

For example, did you know that over 30% of all Americans suffer from some sort of dental anxiety? Roughly three percent of that number classify their anxiety as a phobia that prevents them from seeing a dentist. This puts not only their entire oral health at risk, but increases their chances of heart disease, insomnia, and diabetes.

For most, this anxiety stems from a negative experience they had with a dentist as a child; often because they were unfamiliar with the dentist or they had an intense procedure.

By bringing your child to a pediatric dentist for regular checkups, it familiarizes them with a professional setting in a relaxed atmosphere. There’s no association with negativity, helping them avoid developing dental anxiety that can be such a challenge for so many. Help your child get familiar with the dentist by scheduling an appointment today!

When Should My Kid’s First Dental Checkup Be?

This is a very good question and the answer surprises a lot of parents. Most children begin to lose their primary teeth (baby teeth) at ages five or six, so it would make sense their first visits should be around then, right?

Well, not quite. Pediatric dentists will often tell you “the first checkup by the first birthday.” While this may seem early, dentists can ensure your child isn’t suffering from common, early oral health issues like baby bottle tooth decay.

Care For Your Child’s Smile By Calling Fairchance Dental Arts

Residents of Fairchance have always trusted our office to provide them with beaming smiles, and now there’s even more to smile about! With our pediatric dentistry service, our talented staff provides the whole family with complete, compassionate care.

Whether your kid needs a checkup, your teen needs braces, or your grandpa is interested in dentures, Fairchance Dental Arts is here to help. Schedule a virtual consultation to get started today!