Bright Smiles Brighten Your Day

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Let’s be honest: When we are having a great day, we just want to share it with the world and one of the easiest ways to do that is to show off a big, bright smile! However, that can become a bit more difficult if we aren’t as confident in our smile as we would like to be.

Even subconsciously, if our teeth are stained, discolored, or have dark or yellow spots, we might try to hide our smile, depriving ourselves and our loved ones of experiencing our fullest passion in the moment.

It just isn’t fair!

What if we told you that you can easily achieve a bright new smile? Our teeth whitening services at Fairchance Dental Arts can craft you a smile that you’ll love to share!

The Science of Your Smile’s Sparkle

If the only thing standing between people and a gorgeous grin was the right type of toothpaste or a specific brushing routine, everyone would have a red carpet-ready smile. Unfortunately, there is a lot of science behind a sparkling smile and what works for one smile might not work for another.

This comes down to a lot of factors such as diet, genetics, and even medication an individual may be taking.

At our office, we believe everyone deserves a smile that they can be proud of and that they are happy to show off! Below, we’ve provided some reasons you may be having tooth stain troubles. Hopefully knowing the reasons behind the blemishes will give you the tools you need to fix them!

Tooth Stains

A tooth stain is what most of us think about when we feel our smiles not sparkling as much as we’d like. This can be a darker spot on an individual tooth or just a general yellowish look when you show off your teeth.

The most common culprit to tooth staining is either poor dental hygiene or tannins from our favorite foods.

That’s right! Our favorite foods and drinks can have a big impact on the brightness of our teeth. Coffee, wine, chocolate, and even berries may be the reason we aren’t as confident as we can be when smiling!

Chronic Discoloration

While tooth stains and discoloration can seem synonymous, there is a bit of a difference when you look at it from a medical standpoint. You see, where tooth stains can occur at the surface level (literally a substance attaching itself to the enamel of the tooth), chronic discoloration may be caused by a medical condition or a tooth injury.

Liver disease and calcium deficiency are both well-known for causing chronic tooth discoloration in patients. Using certain antidepressants or antibiotics can impact saliva production, which can also lead to chronic tooth discoloration.

Enamel Stains vs. Dentin Discoloration

The tough, white part of your teeth is called enamel. This is arguably the hardest working part of our tooth; it helps us chew and keeps our jaw muscles strong and our facial muscles taunt. But all this hard work can also mean it can be worn down and eroded.

If the enamel of our teeth suffers from too much erosion, it can lead to a change in color by exposing the dentin which is directly underneath. Dentin is a more porous-like material and is a yellowish hue, making our teeth appear stained when that isn’t the case.

How to Get Your Brilliant Smile

Now that we’ve taken a quick look at the science behind your smile’s sparkle, let’s go a step further, shall we? How can we use that information to create a grin you can be confident in whether you’re in a social or professional setting?

Here at Fairchance Dental Arts, we have several solutions to put this information to good use, creating several approaches to remove stains and discolorations and to brighten your smile based on your specific needs!

A few of these approaches are:

  • Professional Whitening Services: Under the practiced and expert care of our dedicated dental professionals, we provide the Opalescence Boost™ whitening system which is stronger than over-the-counter products. In a single hour, you will notice an improvement up to 8 shades lighter!
  • Dental Crowns: If you have one or two teeth that have suffered from enamel erosion or stubborn staining, this may be the solution for you. A dental crown acts as a “cap” that is shaped and colored to match your natural teeth and then placed over the troublesome tooth.
  • Porcelain Veneers: Porcelain veneers are the ideal means to get a bright smile for anyone suffering from chronic discoloration. Veneers are beautifully crafted, stain-resistant shells that are placed over your natural teeth, creating a long-lasting and picture-perfect smile.

Contact Our Office for Your Brightest Smile

Our office is your home for a beaming smile! At Fairchance Dental Arts, we can provide you with the brightest smile. Feel your best before a big life event with our professional whitening service that breaks down even the toughest tooth stains. Or regain your confidence with our beautiful porcelain veneers that will eliminate chronic discoloration once and for all!

Reach our office over the phone or set up an appointment online today!