Jaw Health and Dental Implants

For most of us, the first thing that pops into our mind when we think about dental care is our teeth. They are essential to our daily lives after all; they can impact first impressions, they are necessary to chew and speak properly, and of course, make up a great smile.

Understanding how each part of your mouth works together as a whole can help you have a better grasp of why replacing your missing teeth is so important. It’s about more than just making your smile look complete again.

Missing teeth cause jawbone deterioration and can even affect facial muscular strength. A single, missing tooth can play a huge role in your life, so replacing it can truly change your life for the better.

Stimulation and Deterioration: How Teeth Contribute

Our bodies are full of incredible systems in constant motion, even if we are not. Whether we are sleeping or binging a new series on our couch, our bodies are breathing, pumping blood, and so forth. The process that concerns many dentists is called resorption.

Resorption is a process where our body decides to “reabsorb” a resource on the cellular level, such as bone tissue. You see, our teeth stimulate the jawbone to keep it healthy and strong. Without this stimulation, your body will automatically begin reabsorbing your jawbone to use what it believes is no longer necessary.

Tooth loss can cause rapid jawbone loss. Multiple studies have speculated that the loss of a single tooth can cause rapid bone deterioration in the jaw where its roots once were. Just how fast? You can lose 30% of your bone density in the area in a single year!

Are Lost Teeth the Only Source of Jawbone Deterioration?

Unfortunately, our dental health can be very fragile despite how hardworking our teeth and jaws are. This means that there are many different reasons a jawbone may suffer a loss in density that isn’t necessarily related to tooth loss.

Other common causes of jawbone deterioration are:

  • Gum Disease: Not only does gum disease attack the soft tissue of our mouths, but it can take things a step further with periodontal infections. Advanced stages of periodontitis allow harmful bacteria to reach your jawbone which can break down a crucial part of your jaw called the alveolar ridge.
  • A Bad Bite: Our jawbones are mostly stimulated when teeth assist us in chewing. If you have a bad bite which makes it more difficult to chew, this prevents the necessary stimulation for a healthy jaw.
  • Misaligned Teeth: Similar to bad bites, if you have misaligned teeth, it can contribute to bone deterioration twofold: the teeth aren’t providing proper stimulation while chewing and they allow harmful bacteria easier access to periodontal pockets.

A Lifelong Solution Is Available!

Now that you understand the relationship between your teeth and your jaw, how can you help protect your dental health and your jawbone density? Well, your friends at Fairchance Dental Arts have a fantastic solution that not only prevents bone loss but can help restore your jawbone!

With our beautiful dental implants, you get all the amazing benefits of your natural teeth; a brilliant smile, chewing and speaking comfortably, and the stimulation needed to prevent the resorption process.

It’s all thanks to our dental implants standing in for every part of your natural teeth including the roots! Even better, these beautiful tooth replacements are made from the highest quality materials like titanium, letting them last a lifetime.

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