Facial Tightening

Regain Your Youthful Appearance at Fairchance Dental Arts

At Fairchance Dental Arts, we offer facial tightening and jowl reduction with our Viora system. As we get older, our skin tends to lose firmness and become saggy and loose as it produces less collagen and elastin, and loose skin can also occur after significant weight loss. Commonly affected areas around the face include the eyelids, jowls, chin, and throat.

How Aging Affects Our Skin

As we get older, the skin in our cheeks and below our jaws begins to lose its collagen and elastin. Collagen is a protein that forms the body’s connective tissue, and elastin is a connective tissue protein that helps our skin return to its original shape after being stretched. As we lose these proteins, the skin of our cheeks becomes less firm and succumbs to gravity, leading to sagging and a jowly appearance.

Environmental and Lifestyle Factors That Contribute to Aging Skin

Several factors besides simply getting older determine how severely a person’s skin may be affected by aging.

  • Sun exposure: exposure to ultraviolet rays from the sun can damage the collagen in our skin. The effects of sun exposure are cumulative over the course of our entire lives, which is why wide-brimmed hats, sunscreen, and UV-blocking sunglasses are so important to use at any age.
  • Weight loss: an unfortunate reality of successfully losing weight is that our skin doesn’t shrink with the rest of our bodies, so the skin that was stretched by excess weight can then sag and contribute to a more aged appearance.
  • Smoking: nicotine and other chemicals in cigarettes can damage elastin and collagen in our skin, as well as narrow our blood vessels. This limits blood circulation and keeps the skin from getting the nutrients it needs to stay healthy.
  • Facial expressions: your face won’t quite get “stuck that way” like your mom always used to warn you, but laughter lines and frown lines are real. The expressions we make most can eventually be reflected in the ways our skin sags and creases with age.
  • Poor posture while using phones or computers: these days, we spend a lot of time looking down at a smartphone, and this can actually affect how we age and increase the risk of developing jowls. Try to avoid the smartphone slouch!

Improving Your Skin’s Appearance

At our practice, we offer non-invasive facial tightening treatments with Viora’s Collagen Booster™ Solution, reducing the appearance of sagging skin and restoring youthful elasticity. We are happy to offer our patients fast, consistent results that are affordable and pain-free. This facial tightening treatment is non-invasive and can be completed within a lunch break.

How Does Viora Work?

Our Viora facial tightening treatments provide measurable results, making the skin appear firmer and tighter. Viora is suitable for treating the jowls, cheeks, forehead, and even sensitive areas around the eyes and neck. This is because of its proprietary CORE™Technology with multi-RF channels that encourage collagen production by fibroblast stimulation and helps to reduce loose skin by treating the symptoms effectively and safely.

Viora’s Infusion™ Electroporation system with Ionwave™ Technology nourishes the skin with peptides and essential vitamins and extracts to provide the building materials for the formation of connective tissue that holds the skin tight.

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